Used in Institutes, Medical Colleges, Industries, Pharmacy colleges, Pharmaceutical Industry, Laboratories and  Hospitals Electrical, Motor Driven, Good Quality, Easy to use With Long  Trouble Free Life.

Technical Features

  • Automatic compression and ejection device
  • Revolution of the wheel drive by motor driven belt.
  • Automatic feed
  • Removal of tablets
  • Built on a heavy casted body
  • Eccentric pressure system
  • Easy setting for thickness and hardness of tablets
  • Nuts and lock nuts
  • Stainless steel Hopper
  • Die and set of punches of stainless steel steel

Spare die & punches:

  • Extra die & punches of stainless steel of sizes 6,9 and 12 mm are provided at an extra cost (any one size)
  • Heavy Stable, Stand of angle Steel
  • Motor One Horse Power works on 220 V 50 Hz A.C mains
  • Full Acrylic cover of machine, for safety of Students at extra price.
Catalogue No. NPH-15