An Economical and Traditional Model With finest vertical tube and excellent optics

Salient Features :

◘ Widefield 10 x pointer eyepiece and triple nose piece with parfocal  4 x, 10 x and spring loaded 40 x objectives.

◘ Rack and Pinion coarse adjustment with separate fine adjustment.

◘ Positive, preset travel stops prevents slide damage.

◘ Plain stage with locked-in stage clips.

◘ In stage condenser and disc or iris diaphragm.

◘ With locked-in, plano concave mirror or substage illuminator.

◘ All metal construction with chemical resistant, backed on paint  finish.

◘ Supplied complete with a rexin dust cover, duster  and  Safely packed in a wooden box with lock & key facility.

Cat. No. NMK-07 Model MSM-21