Used for cleaning and grading of free flowing granular material and grains such as wheat, rice, barley, maize.
• Easy to operate
• Precisely engineered
• Hassle-free functioning
Useful in removing impurity after the seeds are threshed. This process is used to get rid of most of the chaffs, straws and dust before further processing for fine cleaning. The cleaning capacity is increased by the highly effective feed and aspiration system of the machine, separating some nine-tenths all-light particles before the product is delivered to the screens.
For cleaning and grading of free flowing granular material, grains like wheat, rice, barley, maize etc. and seeds of all kinds’ i.e. fodder seeds, oil seeds, cereals and forest seeds etc., based on their size. It separates the immature and light impurities based on the air aspiration and screen perforation selected.

Catalogue No. NAP-14