(Self- standing type)

Chamber fabricated out of Stainless framework is of mild steel tubulars & with thick epoxy coating (or stainless steel). Re-circulatory type design for safety of the operator and to avoid the inter -mixing of the material / sample to be dispensed.

Salient Features

Efficiency             : 99.97% (or above) down to 0.3 micron.

Blower unit         : Centri – balanced, centrifugal motorized blower with motor, 1/3 h.p.1440 rpm

Filter                      : Standard H.E.P.A (manipulated & filter optional)

Discharge            : Air volume 90 cfm + 10%

Noise level            : Below 65 db

Illumination        : By fluorescent tube, as per size of working area

Germicidal          : By ultra- violet tube (approx 50 Micro W/ sp. cm)

Electrical              : Controls are on the Front. Facia of the Chamber. Mains are through. M. C. B. For higher protection

Manometer       : Block type acrylic / plexi – glass inclined Static Pressure Manometer.(Dial type                                    magnehelic Differential Pressure Manometer optional)

Filter                    : Standard H.E.P.A. Fillter, Manipulated H.E.P.A. Filters & Front PVC Curtain                                      with channels optional

Supplied complete with: H…E.P.A Fitter, pre Filter, Centri- balanced Centrifugal Air Succession blower Unit, Fluorescent Tube Light,  Ultra voilet Tube, Static Pressure Manometer (Acrylic) Safty grills for H.E.P.A and Pre-Filters in heavy duty stainless steel Sheet.

Standard Dimensions Work Chamber:

(I) 600 x 750 x 1800 mm.               (ii) 900 x 750 x 1800 mm.           (iii) 1200 x 750 x 1800 mm.

Catalogue No. PM-487