Have diversified application in various industries as Pharma, Chemical, Food & Beverages, Biotechnology , Microbiology and Electronics etc. The Different models of Laminar Air Flow Chambers are available in Stainless Steel, Electro- galvanized steel or wood, covering all applications. The environmental air is drawn by center- balanced, centrifugal succession blower through pre – filters and is thrown on to work platform through high efficiency H.E.P.A filter, retaining particulate and biological contaminants larger than 0.3 microns . Table -tops is covered with stainless steel sheet. All the compartments of the chamber are chemically sealed to prevent leakage/loss of air-pressure. Front door is collapsible type & side panels are fixed type, of crystal clear thick plexi glass or (polycarbonate optional). All the models are with U.V Tube, Fluorescent Tube Light, Gas cock & Static Pressure Manometer or Differential Pressure Magnehelic Manometer
Technical Specification
Efficiency : 99.97% (or above) down to 0.3 micron.
Blower unit: Center – balanced, centrifugal motorized blower with motor, 1/3 h.p.1440 rpm.
Filter : with standard H.E.P.A (manipulated & UPLA filter optional)
Discharge: Air volume 90 cfm + 10%
Noise level: Below 65 db
Illumination: By fluorescent tube, light intensity – the intensity of the light at the work surface is in between 800 to 1000 lux.
Germicidal: by ultra- violet tube. (approx 50 microwatts per sp. cm on the entire work surface.)
Electrical: All electrical fittings i.e internal wirings are protected with heat resistant material. Mains are through M.C.B for higher protection against shock.
Manometer: Available are of two types-
(I) Block type acrylic / plexi – glass inclined static pressure manometer.
(Ii) Dial type Magnehelic Manometer (Optional)
Utility lines: Gas (standard), Vacuum and Air (Optional).
Unit Supplied Complete With The Following :
H. E. P. A. Fitter, Pre Filter, Centri- balanced Centrifugal Air Succession blower Unit Fluorescent Tube Light, Ultra violet Tube, Static Pressure Manometer (Acrylic), Stainless steel Table Top, Plexi- glass Fixed Side Panels and Door. Safety grills For H. E. P. A and Pre Filters.

Catalogue No. NAP-20