For recording graphically the movement of heart, muscles and a number of other basic physiology experiments.
Easy to use,with Good performace and long trouble free life.
Casted aluminium body, fitted with levelling screws; with eight speed gear train to provide direct all the eight speeds mms – 1 640, 312, 25, 12.5, 2.5, 1.25, 0.25 & 0.12. Smooth and durable performance with the maintenance of speed even after years of use. Change over of speeds from one ratio to the other effected through an adjustable clutch on the side plate showing the speed. Drum provided with neutralizing clutch, electrical contact block and contact arms. Stainless steel axle of dia. 19 mm with screw lift and moves in ball bearing to give smooth performance. Drum fitted with 150 mm. casted aluminoum cylinder with clamping nut having 19 mm. hole for fastening to axle. With good quality electric motor for long trouble free functioning. Overall Dimensions- 540 x 255 x 230 mm. approx. Ht. x width x depth.
Mass -10 kg. Power required – 220 -240 V, 50 Hz AC. Mains. Accessories with kymograph:

• Kymograph Paper 6”x20’’

• Induction Coil

• Weight & Hooks set 11gm

• Adjusting Stand

• Tuning Fork Stainless steel N 100

• Tambour Brass

• Smoking Burner Gas

• Femure Clamp

• Tuning Fork Starter

• Heart Liver

• Double Clamp (X) Block

• Mussle Chamber

• Electric Timer Maker

• Simple Key

• Frog Board with Clamp

• Heart Chamber

• Styles with Pointer AL

• Electrode with Cu Wire

• Mussle Lever

Catalogue No. NPH-44