Alternaria, Albugo conidia on leaf, Albugo sexual on fruit, Albugo hypertrophy, Agaricus, Angular leaf of cotton, Aspergillus, Apple rust, Agaricus amanitia, Bracket fungus, Bean rust uromuces, Cyathus, Claviceps, Clavaria, Collectorichum, Citrus canker, Cercospora, Erysiphae polygonia or pea, Fusarium, Fomes, Geaster (Star agaricus), Graphiola, Helvella, Helminthosporium, Lycoperdon, Melampsora (Linseed rust), Mucor, Morchella, Nigrospora on rice, Peziza clusters, Phytophthora on potato leaf, Phytophthora on colocasia leaf, Penicillium, Phallus, Puccinia on wheat stem, Puccinia barbery, Puccinia pycnogonial, Root nodule, Ring spot of brassica, Ring spot of potato, Rhizopus, Synchytrium on leaf, Synchytrium on fruit, Synchytrium black potato, Sphaerotheca on jawar, Ustilago, Ustilago covered smut, Ustilago loose smut (Tritici), Ustilago oat, Ustilago barley, Ustilago wheat, Ustilago maize, Ustilago sugar cane, Uromyces, Xylaria.

Catalogue No. MY-01 (b)