Flocculators are used for the determination of the necessary agents required for sedimentation. Used to optimize the coagulant additives and poly-electrolytes for surface and residual water treatment, as well as evaluate the efficiency of an absorbent in toxic agents.  The Laboratory flocculators are avialable in either 4 or 6 positions, and have powerful torque to allow stirring and mixing high viscosity substances. Suitable for beakers up to 1000 ml. tall form or 2000 ml. In low Form.

Technical Feature

Stirrer equipment for 4 or 6 places that accommodates

beakers up to 1000 ml. Tall or 2000 ml. Low from.

  • Stirring speeds from 15 to 200 RPM
  • Noise Free operation
  • Adjustable timer up to 999 minutes or continuous operation.
  • Easy to adjust height over head stir
Catalogue No. NPH-43