Natural specimens, positioned and dry mounted in glass top wooden display containers of size 230 x 305 mm.

(a) Classification of Plant Kingdom Various specimens to cover all plant groups.

(b) Dispersal of seeds and fruits By wind (size 350 x 450 mm).

(c) Dispersal of seeds and fruits By animal.

(d) Dispersal of seeds and fruits By water.

(e) Types of roots – Various types.

(f) Modification of roots – Various types.

(g) Types of stems – Various types.

(h) Modification of stems – Various types.

(I) Leaf shapes simple type – Various types.

(j) compound leaves – Various types.

(k) Leaf – Venation, Margin.

(l) Leaf Modification – Various types.

(m) Stipule types

(n) INflorescence – Racemose Type

(o) INflorescence – Cymose type.

(p) Types of capsular fruit – Various specimens.

(q) Pollination

(R) Types of fruits and seeds Achenial and Schizocarpic.

(s) Tendril Climber Different Types.

(t) Collection of XerophytesDifferent Types.

(u) Classification of fruits Various Types.

Catalogue No. MY-02