This set comprises of 370  balls of different colors and sizes with 150 flexible connecting white links.

60 black balls,  diameter 25 mm.,  four  holes, represent Carbon.

20 Yellow balls, diameter 25 mm.,  four holes represent  Sulphur.

25 green balls, diameter 25 mm.,  one hole represent Chlorine.

20 orange balls, diameter 25 mm.,  one hole represent Sodium.

125 white balls, dia.12 mm., with lugs length 50 mm. represent Hydrogen.

185 white connectors, three lengths represent valency bonds.

30  orange balls, diameter 19 mm.,  two holes  represent Calcium.

30 red balls, diameter 19 mm., two holes represent Oxygen.

30 blue balls, diameter 19 mm., 15 with three holes  and 15 with  five holes represent Phosphorous.

30 yellow  balls, diameter 19 mm., 2 holes represent Trivalent metals eg. Aluminum, Chromium etc.

Supplied packed in a plastic box with different compartments.

Catalogue No. PM-526