Complete controll by the PC. Enabled with integrated floated optical platform design which improves the optical system shock resistance. Fully automated wavelength scanning and peak searching which make them highly suitable for data processing and data interpretation from the database. Contain more than 500 data self storage and cut-off storage function. Have capacity to store the analyzed result with the form of excel and the results can be randomly called. With unique features like excellent measuring methods, position adjusting and result printing methods.

Technical Specification

WL range (nm) 190nm-900nm.
WL accuracy ±0.5nm.
WL repeatability 0.3nm. (single direction)
Spectrum bandwidth 0.2nm,0.4nm,0.7nm,1.4nm,2.4nm,5.0nm
Resolution <40%
Base line stability ±0.004Abs/30min
Characteristics concentration of copper 0.04pg/mI./1%
Detection limit of copper 0.008pg/m
Background calibration ability Greater than 30 times
Rs232 including
Printer Optional
Power supply 220V 3A, 50Hz
G.W. 160 Kg.
Package Dimensions 1220 x 770 x 730 mm. (Main instrument)
Catalogue No. PM-756