Available in the following models :

(I) Mark 1 (Radiant Heat or Tail Flick Type): it provides plain stimulus by heated nichrome wire in a rat’s  tail  to  determine analgesic effects of drugs. Complete with one spare  element to Work on 220 A.C.

(ii) Mark 2 (Contact Heat Type) with temperature  indicating Galvanometer provides plain stimulus in Rat’s tail by heated nichrome strip and temperature probe,works  on  220V A.C.

Accessories  : Nichrome heater strip  and   temperature    probe available  at  extra cost

(iii) Mark 3: Eddy’s Hot plate consisting of 30 x 30 cm. heating surface with perspex enclosure and solid state temperature controller with indicating Galvanometer to set  surface temperature between 30° to 80°C.

(iv)  Same as above, but with Digital temperature controller.

Catalogue No. NPH-19