Multi-functional old Female lifelike manikin. For nursing training. Provides wide range of exercise possible including both first aid and in emergency situation, with following nursing skills:
• Hair and face washing, hair combing
• Pupil Observation, bilateral pupil states: normal, mydrisis
• Eye and ear washing and administering
• Oral cavity and artificial teeth care
• Endotracheal intubation, Automatically monitor if the tracheal Intubation is correct or not through sensor, support ausculation to detect intubation site.
• Sputum Suction
• Oxygen Inhaling
• Oral and nasal feeding
• Gastrolavage
• Venipuncture, injection, transfusion (arm)
• Deltoid subcutaneous injection
• Vastus lateralis injection
• Thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, liver, bone marrow and lumbar puncture
• Breast nursing, mammary gland examination
• Enema
• Female urethral Catheterization & Female bladder irrigation
• Stoma drainage
• Colostomy
• Buttocks intramuscular injection.
• Large area Of Sacral Ulcer
• Cancer Tumor Contrast
• Cleavage Lines Contrast
• H. nursing:Sponge bath,Replacing clothes Cold & Hot Therapy
• Realistic Limbs Joint, Stiff Simulative Joints
• Truck May Lean Forward, Can sit it the Wheelchair
• Truck Rotation, Flexibility
• Neck-Rotation, Flexibility, Lateral Curvature
• Shoulder & ButtockEndoduction,Abduction,Rotation, Flexibility
• Elbow-Internal Rotation, External Rotation
• Knee-Internal Rotation, Flexibility, Stretching, Bending
• Ankle-Introversion, eversion Endoduction, Abduction
• Non-Invasive Blood pressure Measurement- A. Systolic and Diastolic Pressure may be Set Individually In steps of 1MM Hg.
• Systolic Pressure 0-300MM Hg, Diastolic Pressure0-300Hg
• Korotkoff Sound Volume In Ten steps, 0-9

Catalogue No. YM-212