Rugged metal construction, general purpose AC/DC power supply with variable outputs of 0-25 volts current 8.5 amps with digital LED displays for motoring both voltage and current outputs.

A  low-cost, safe, for applications requiring both AC/DC voltages. For educational usage and prototyping, covering a wide range of circuit testing applications. This simple AC/DC power source can be used to demonstrate the concept of alternating and non-alternating voltages. Can also be used for simple experiments using lamps, resistors, etc. The unit has been provided with voltmeter and ammeter for AC/DC voltage and current readings.


  • Variable Output: 0-25V, current 8.5A
  • AC or DC Selection Switch
  • Separate Circuit Breakers for AC & DC
  • Output Voltage 3-Digit LED Display
  • Output Current 3-Digit LED Display
  • Separate Power Switch with LED Indicator
  • Heavy Duty Transformer
  • Power 230V current 60Hz or 230VAC, 50Hz, Single Phase
Catalogue No. MS-565