A versatile model with built-in dual illumination for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.
Salient Features :
Gives a clear large sharp, flat and erect image.
A fully rotatable head with binocular tubes inclined at 45º for easy viewing.
With locked in 10 x widefield eyepieces.
Independent focus on left eye tube.
Adjustable interpupillary distance from 51 to 74 mm.
Long working distance of 90 mm with 2 x and 45 mm with 4x & large field of view.
Dual magnification of 20 x and 40 x.
Convenient 90º rotating turret magnification changer with
parfocal paired objectives 2 x and 4 x.
Smooth rack and pinion focussing by easily tightened knobs
with safety clutch mechanism and preset safety stop to avoid
any damage to the specimen or slide.
Glass stage with black & white matted plate and locked in
stage clips.
Built in variable intensity dual illumination provides both
incident and transmitted light independently or
Sturdy, casted stable base with built in transformer for light
control by 6 V-15 W lamp, input 220 V 50 Hz AC.
Cat. No. NMK-25 Model MSR-150
Cat. No. NMK-25-A,B,C Model MSR-150 with pole adjustment for
large specimens.

Catalogue No. NMK-25A